Hi John,

I appreciate your reply. In writing this piece I was careful to avoid talk of Mrs. Clinton, which I know may seem biased and unfair on my part. I was responding to a specific group of people in my social media circle who I’ve seen repeatedly pointing to Donald Trump as the only acceptable option for Christians to vote for — citing such reasons as the appointment of Supreme Court justices, tough immigration stance, or the idea that “make America great again” will somehow translate to “make America Christian again.” Since this group of people would never in a million years consider voting for Mrs. Clinton, I didn’t feel the need to lay out the same arguments when it came to her leadership. (I should have remembered that Medium is a platform that reaches a lot more people than just my small circle, and perhaps clarified this in the post.)

I think regardless who wins, the central tenet of my article still holds: the need to trust God with our outcome, and to not allow our fear over earthly authority to make us behave in ways inconsistent with Christ’s teachings. I believe even if it did result in Mrs. Clinton winning, that a vote for a third party candidate or write-in would be preferable to voting for Mr. Trump (which would be seen by others — especially nonbelievers — as advocating his behavior). But that is just my opinion. Ultimately, Christians should pray, trust God, and act in the way they feel will bring Him the most glory.

Storyteller, adventurer, optimist.

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